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What is white noise sound?

White noise is a constant sound that often used for better sleep or focus or soothing baby.

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Why we need white noise sound?

White noise can help people fall asleep more easily and stay asleep by masking disruptive noises. It creates a consistent auditory environment, which is particularly useful in noisy neighborhoods or for people with sleep disorders.

Impact on Sleep Quality

For some, white noise can improve focus and productivity by drowning out distracting sounds. This is especially helpful in open offices or busy households.

White Noise in Office Environments

White noise can mimic the sounds babies hear in the womb, which can be comforting and help them sleep better.

Soothing for Babies

White noise can have a soothing effect, reducing stress and anxiety. It’s often used in meditation and relaxation practices.

Calming Effect

People with tinnitus (ringing in the ears) may find white noise helpful as it can mask the ringing, providing temporary relief from the discomfort.

Tinnitus Relief

In office environments or during confidential meetings, white noise machines can help mask conversations, protecting sensitive information.

Privacy Protection


Scientific studies on the effects of white noise sound

Impact on Sleep Quality

White noise has been found to significantly improve sleep in individuals who experience sleep disturbances due to environmental noise. A study conducted in New York City showed that white noise could enhance both subjective and objective measures of sleep quality

  • White Noise in Office EnvironmentsA study focusing on neurotypical young adults in office settings found that white noise at 45 dB improved cognitive performance in terms of sustained attention, accuracy, speed of performance, enhanced creativity, and reduced stress levels. However, a higher level of white noise (65 dB) led to improved working memory but increased stress levels, suggesting that different tasks might require different noise levels for optimal performance​​.
  • The study also highlighted the benefits of white noise for individuals with ADHD, who generally have lower dopamine levels and therefore might require more white noise to enhance cognitive performance

Effects on Creativity and Stress Levels

  • The relationship between white noise and creativity appears to be complex. Some studies suggest that moderate levels of white noise can enhance creativity, while high levels may lead to increased stress and reduced creative thinking​​.
  • In terms of physiological responses, exposure to high levels of white noise has been associated with increased stress, as indicated by increased heart rate and secretion of stress-related proteins
  • Effects on Cognitive Performance in ADHD and Neurotypical AdultsResearch has shown that white noise can have differential effects on cognitive functions, particularly in individuals with ADHD and attentional problems. In a study by Söderlund et al., ADHD patients demonstrated improved cognitive performance when exposed to white noise​​.
  • Another study found that listening to white noise enhanced new-word learning in healthy adults, suggesting a potential benefit for lexical acquisition. This study showed that white noise can improve recall accuracy over time, independent of the participants’ attentional capacity​​.
  • However, not all aspects of cognitive performance benefit from white noise. It was found that white noise selectively impaired working memory when presented during specific phases of cognitive tasks in healthy adults​